Birthday wish list

September is my birthday month and I love doing a wish list. A real wish list of special things I would not normally buy (mostly due to the price) and have had my eye on forever. Lets get into the list:





I don’t have any CHANEL nail polish and I’ve wanted some for a long time. Just because of the packaging. I adore the bottles, it’s so completely CHANEL. And anything CHANEL is, of course, the best birthday gift.

1. Ballerina

A barely there pink nude

2. Sea Whip

A light pink

3. Turban

A coral pink

4. Camellia

A bright Barbie pink – and my favourite

Available at Woolworths or Edgars

5. Studio W Scatter Cushion

I desperately need some home things. If all falls into place, I will be moving soon into a bigger flat after I’ve lived in bachelors for the last 6 years. The colours on this cushion is the exact blend of my favourite colours and patterns – two pinks and gold glitter.

Available at Woolworths

6. CHANEL Hydrating Colour Lipshine in MIGHTY

I’m all about BRIGHT pink at the moment. I had this CHANEL formula in BOY, which is a great colour for everyone. I sadly lost mine so would like to replace it at some time (see colour below), but I need a BRIGHT pink more.


Available at Woolworths or Edgars

7. Linen Dressing Gown

I bought my mom a charcoal one for Christmas and they are so light and linen is perfect for summer or cooler months.

Available at H&M

8. Country Road Tale Bath Towel

I need home stuff as I said and new towels to replace those I’ve used since my first year in university is probably a good idea.

Available at Country Road or Woolworths

9. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in The Queen

The perfect pink-red blend dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II for her love of a bright lip. I am fully in her corner as I prefer a bright lip every time. I’ve heard only great things about the Matte Revolution Lipsticks and actually everything Charlotte Tilbury. Sadly Charlotte Tilbury is not available in South Africa, but you can order from Muse Beauty online, a South African store that sells international beauty brands online or on Cult Beauty online.

Available on Cult Beauty and Muse Beauty online

10. Country Road Brass Clock

Another home thing I need; An interesting clock.

Available at Country Road or Woolworths

11. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow

Another beauty brand our South Africans are kept from. Hourglass is just picture perfect. The packaging, the branding, the cruelty freeness and the colours. Just look at the marbling effect on this blush!

Available on Muse Beauty and Cult Beauty online

12. NARS Afterglow Lipbalm in Orgasm

And another brand I want everything from and that’s not available in South Africa (except from Muse Beauty). I am fascinated by everything this brand does and I love the name – Narcissist. I’ve been after the Orgasm Blush for a long, long time and when the lipbalm in the same colour came out I was sold. It definitely is #1 on my international beauty list.

Available on Muse Beauty online

13. Yswara Cape Town Candle

Maison Mara in Cape Town is my dream store although I haven’t actually been in the store (hahaha). I shop (or rather browse) online rather. Even though I don’t know what this candle smells like, it is a beautiful decor piece and it’s named after my city.

Available at Maison Mara

14. Maison Labiche Mademoiselle Sweater

Another Maison Mara item. Although I want EVERYTHING from this store, these are just some of the pink numbers I adore. I have loved everything French since I started learning French in grade 8 (therefore my love for CHANEL). Paris is and will always be my favourite city and I think ‘mademoiselle’ is the perfect French word.

Available at Mason Mara

15. Velvet Chair

My one home have-to-have is a statement chair and this one fits the bill.

Available at @home

16. Pink Sunglasses

Do I need to say more?

Available at H&M

17. The STOW First Class Leather Tech Case

I discovered this travel wallet when I saw a pic of Megan Markle travelling with an orange one. I had to know where it was from and tried googling “orange wallet thing megan markle”. I was not actually surprised to find numerous articles on this as well as her being a “Friend of Stow” on their website. I’m not a fan of the duchess – I think she’s a bit of an opportunist – but she did introduce me to Stow and for that I am eternally grateful. They also recently brought out a bright pink tech case and I still can’t decide between this one and the light pink. Here’s the bright pink one:

Available at Stow London online

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